Independence Hall Descriptive Essay

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If there’s something I’ve learned over the years, it’s that modern society is both obnoxious and corrupted at times. People mindlessly what they presume to be ‘right’ and stand by it. When the course of human events become unbearable or even infuriating, there’s always one place I can turn to, 1776’s Independence Hall. The stunning appearance of the building, the people that 1776 depicted so well, and fact that I have an overwhelming love for history made Independence Hall stand out to me. For me, Independence Hall would always hold a dear place in my heart. Large double oak doors and Liberty Bell are both the first things I saw when in front of Independence Hall. Rich green roofs and white walls made it a spectacular sight, magnificent, professional. Those are words I would use when describing Independence Hall; that is, until I went inside. I stepped inside and the sound of shoes hitting against wood floors echoed through the humid summer air. White doors and pillars graced each side of the hallway along with paintings, splashing colours onto plain walls. I approached the end of the chamber, hearing muffled sounds emitting through a doorway, and entered. I admire all these rooms, but this room, Assembly Chamber will always be my favourite. As soon as I went through the heavy doors, the familiar cries of Congress filled the room, presumably arguing about something ridiculous with John Adams screeching at them to accept his ideas on independence. Quill pens rested in

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