Descriptive Writing Into The Lash Forest

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Into The Lush Forest
The sun had just kissed the hill, giving warm color to the sky, but I was feeling cold. The excitement in my heart was slowly losing its fire. My group was lost, and I felt alone, in the crowd of trees, a cold crowd perhaps. “Sandhya, did you read all the information? It is two hour long hike. You have hardly ever walked an hour. Take rest at home. You would not be able to walk all the way. ” I remembered the wise words of my mother. However, I was here walking slowly through the dense forest defying my mother’s advice. I along with Nitisha and Puja were making loud noises with our steps, crushing the fallen leaves, and the broken twigs. I could hear the constant buzzing sounds of the mosquitoes and the crickets chirping. I was keeping calm until a little lizard scattered off through the grass. Adrenaline rushed through every vein in my body as I heard a strange, yet terrifying growling sound. At that moment, every instinct in my body told me to run. I looked everywhere; all I could see were my two friends, and the cold quiet forest. Even worse my anxiousness increased as I tried to locate where the sound was coming from. Trees, flowers, and everything else where my eyes reached looked lifeless. I felt as if they had no soul and I was slowly losing mine.
I wished it had been a regular Saturday morning, me being home with my mother. Nevertheless, I was there with my school mates for the annual school hike. “This forest is dense. Please do not wander

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