Desecration Of The United States Flag

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It should be considered safer to allow a few protestors to burn or disrespect the flag, than to allow the government to repress our birth rights by banning desecration of the flag. Deemed offensive by many citizens, and a form of symbolic speech by others, the constitutionality of flag desecration has been in question since the late 1800s. Desecration of the United States flag is constitutional, as a form of symbolic speech and protected under the First Amendment, even though many citizens do find it offensive. The flag has been a symbol for the United States for decades. On June 14, 1777 the first flag was officially commissioned by the Continental Congress (U.S. Flag, 2005, para. 3). The flag is a trademark for the freedoms embraced by the citizens of the United States, and is a beacon of hope for those fighting to keep those freedoms. The flag is greatly respected by the citizens of the United States. There are multitudinous people who use the flag as a form of protest in ways such as ripping it, burning it, or trampling on it. These acts are forms of desecration of the flag. Desecration is the use of something considered sacred in a profane way. Every American is entitled to an opinion and has the freedom the express these opinions. The flag is a symbol of freedoms, stated and protected in the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution is the backbone of our country. First written in 1787, and since then, the Constitution has been amended twenty seven times

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