Desertion In Frankenstein

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The suggestions based off of Mary Shelley's experience as a woman are indeed a result of her life. However, that doesn’t mean her work was the story of her life but a mere indication of the judgement that occurred in society during her era. The depiction of moral ethical corruption that can take place in a moment as a personification of desertion or isolation, both are found in Mary’s life and within her tale of Frankenstein. During the time when Mary Shelley began to write her novel, women were perceived as being confined to the traditional gender roles. There were moments in Mary’s life where she found herself isolated or deserted from like-minded intellectuals, based solely on the stigmatized idea of her being a woman. Due to her moments …show more content…

Mary Shelley had not only achieved success as a writer but a sense of accomplishment and respect from peers, “ she achieved a small amount of Independence/ the only profession open to women besides governess or schoolmistress”. Mary Shelley had left an imprint in the Gothic horror genre; her creation of Frankenstein became one of the world’s well-known classic tales and misunderstood creations of all time. It was noted that Mary Shelley and Frankenstein shared a similarities regarding logic, “the compelling logic of his demand for understanding and pity proves that he expressed something that Shelley herself felt deeply”. Shelley admitted the monster was a collection of ideas; however it was her detailed description and portrayal of the character Frankenstein along with the notion of exile, pain, and grief that made Mary Shelley a famed author. The fact that her husband was unable to reach the same status as her indicated Mary's true talent as a writer. Mary had gained admiration and recognition finally for her work and although her husband was a well known poet compared to his wife’s creativity his style of poetry wouldn’t be

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