Designing A Application Using And The Authentication Api

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In the past applications were monolithic, and built on a single stack such as .Net or Java and ran on a single server. There is no way to get around building distributed software in today’s market. Just think about the software out there today. The market consist of many different variations of architecture tier an application may have such as an UI tier, caching tier, application tier, and persistence tier such as SQL or table logging.

Multiple components may spread across machines today. Software will have associated dependencies and these component dependencies can be in conflict. One component might be dependent on a certain DLL and another component for another one. Those two different versions might not run or compile together. I have seen this issue happen before when I was building a web application using and .NET and the Authentication API I wanted to use was for a newer framework that required an HTTP DLL that was not made for conflicted with the DLL in the Framework I was using.

Deployment is also important when it comes to distributed software. Component deployment including initial and updates is nontrivial. Developers not only update certain parts of the application, but also certain multiple instances of the server as well and that complexity must be dealt with. There is a scale-out model which means there are multiple copies of each component. Components can have different scale characteristics, one might be Write-intensive and another read-intensive. If…
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