MIS Group Project

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Information Technology This portion of the report will cover several important topics. These different topics are the network, the Era software, the overall Web setup and offerings, the reasons and process behind our migration from Windows XP to Windows 7, the servers we use and how/why we use them the way we do, the FirstLook Software, Contact Management and Dealer Mine. All of these different parts can, do and must work together to ensure that our overall daily operations remain solid, cohesive and allow us the ability to keep serving our clients in an effective and tangible way. An integral part of the Central Maine Motors information technology framework is its network, and this is as it should be. One thing that is not optional in the eyes of the proposal team is to have all of the individual sites networked together in a cogent and common-sense way. There should be no orphan sites that are not visibly and obviously connected to related sites/pages that could or definitely would be relevant. Another decision made is that all workstations need to be running some iteration of Windows. For workstations this would be Windows XP at the oldest as that is no longer actively being supported by Microsoft and it's now two generations behind the current iteration of Windows with the release of Windows 8. Windows Blue (i.e. Windows 8.1) is already in the works for 2013, apparently. There will be a variety of servers employed. For example, applications will be run on one
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