Designing A Inventory System For Nike

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My company, partners with businesses and present management systems that help companies become more efficient. Recently, I had the privilege of attending a Microsoft conference that introduced Nike’s Chairman, President and CEO, Mark Parker as the guest speaker. Apparently, due to, demand fluctuations and stiff competition, Nike has an abundance of excess inventory. Upon hearing this startling revelation, I immediately thought about the Adapting Supply Chains to Tough Times, case study I read the other day. However, the problem that I discovered with Nike is that it has multiple locations, that all have different inventory needs. For instance, the Air Jordan X Retro “OVO” might sell well on the west coast, but not as well in the east. Therefore, my dilemma was to incorporate components of inventory management that would fit every location. Obviously, I had already begun envisioning an effective inventory system for Nike before being asked to do so. Luckily, after the conference, Microsoft supplied lunch, which was a Godsend because my stomach was emitting the most embarrassing sounds one would ever hear. At any rate, since I have a good relationship with Bill Gates, I was assigned a seat at his table. By chance, Mark Parker was also assigned to the table, as a matter of fact, he sat right next to me. Clearly, it would not be proper etiquette for me to start discussing business after introducing myself. Therefore, I took the time to learn a bit more about Mark. First, he
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