Designing An Automated House That Be More Energy Efficient Than An Average House

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Project Proposal
A Sunny House
Michael Lawrence, Dat Le, Phillip Tran
The Governor 's School @ Innovation Park
Senior Mentorship Dr.Psaker
October 11, 2016
Acknowledgements: Dr. Psaker and the Governor’s School @ Innovation Park

The primary goal of our experiment is to construct an automated house that will be more energy efficient than an average house. SmartWindows that will automatically close and adjust to conform with any outside conditions. Our primary motivation is from the huge amount of domestic power that is lost every year, which can become a large sum when converted to money. As personal victims of this unfortunate monetary loss, finding and developing a solution to this problem prompted this investigation and subsequent experiment. The experimenting process is fairly simple but will take an extended period of time through two phases: construction and experimentation. First the model house must be constructed from balsa wood blocks and held together by a combination of glue and staples. Then the windows will be constructed, with plexiglass substituting for glass Next, the actual window opening apparatus must be created in AutoDesk Inventor before being 3D printed. This apparatus will be connected to the Arduino module, which will be programmed to control the functions of the house and making sure everything runs effectively and efficiently. The windows are our primary focus and will be the most important improvement but more may be
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