Despite Internal Crisis and External Threats, the Third Republic Was Able to Survive in the Period 1871-1914. Explain Why.

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Despite internal crisis and external threats, the Third Republic was able to survive in the period 1871-1914. Explain why. After the collapse of the Second Empire, the Third Republic was set up in France. During its reign, different internal crisis and external threats had occurred which threatened the existence of the republic. However, the unrests were solvable and the republic could finally survive. Internally, it was due to the own strength of republicans, the weaknesses of the opponents and the political climate of France which guaranteed the continuity of the republic. Externally, it was the skillful diplomacy and the specific international circumstance which saved the republic from being overthrown. The own strength of…show more content…
They also opposed the restoration of monarchy either of the Bourbon or of the Orleanist line. The royalists had been elected in 1871 only because of their avocations for peace. As a result, in the elections of National Assembly later on, the Republican Party grew in strength. The tendency of the Frenchmen saved the republic from being overthrown by the monarchists. Secondly, the French tradition of absence of political parties ensured stability for the republic. France did not have political parties but only groups that agreeing on same ideas. The minister therefore changed frequently as different groups always had disagreement. However, the personnel who served in them reappeared regularly. As a result, the republic prevented the situation that a new government might be completely inexperienced. Thus stability was maintained and the republic could survive though in the storm of crisis. Externally, the skillful diplomacy adopted by the Third Republic was able to solve the external threats and made the republic popular within her own soil. Firstly, the republic successfully ended French isolation. After 1871, Bismarck was determined to isolate France from any possible allies. Germany succeeded by allying with Austria, Italy and Russia. And France relation with Britain and Italy was poor owing to colonial rivalry. However, after 1890 France was finally managed to gain friends through alliance with

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