Detective Narrative

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"Yes!" Natalie exclaimed, coming out of captain Jefferson's office with a big white smile and her luscious black hair flipping around.

"Did we get the case?" James asked

"Yes were on, we start in 10 minuets" replied Natalie

"Okay!" James said "want me to go get some coffee?"

As James was walking, filled with an abundance of excitement and nerves, a fellow detective John Jenkins a veteran wearing a blue suit with his gun very clear in his holster approached him with anger. Slam! James's head it the wall with Jenkins forearm in his throat. "You better not mess this up rook or you'll be dealing with me." Jenkins stomped away into the elevator. "Jeez" James said "cant believe that guy." James is 22 and this is his first case and his biggest fear is messing up. James heard his name called down the hall. It was Natalie, he approached her and she told him the news "in 20 minuets were taking the
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The whole ride to the factory James was telling himself don’t mess up don’t mess up and a thought occurred in his mind, he could die today. He didn’t know who or what was inside that factory or if they would have guns or not. Natalie's voice interrupted his thoughts "Were here she said, they're guards outside the gate I'll go to talk to them you keep watch." While James was waiting he was loading his gun, then BANG! He heard a booming gunshot coming from inside the factory. He didn’t see Natalie, she must've been brought inside after she was shot. James faced turned blue knowing he should've been looking out for her. He imminently grabbed the radio and called in for backup. A lady responded and said to stay put until the backup arrived. No
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