Deterrence Does Not Work? Essay

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In this essay, I am going to discuss what some of the ideas are when it comes thinking as to why deterrence does not work, which could be that the harsher the crime, the harsher the punishment for many of the crimes committed. It could mean that it does not work because the offender maybe becomes aware of the punishment. However, it could be because of the notion of impulsivity which connected and is almost everywhere within a society where there has been a connection to the idea of rational choices, which has a role when it comes to the way people have been thinking about committing the crime of any shape or form. However, there have been many reasons why it doesn’t work, because the offenders come from many different walks of life within a society. Therefore, the kind of crimes that have been done, which can then have associated with rational choices, which have people are connected to in society.
Firstly, when it comes to the association that many of the would-be offenders that are committing the crimes may have many kinds of thought of how they are offending, which could be illegal or legal. It could be why they have offended or are thinking about offending. Whereas there could be many hindrances that are connected, which have been associated with the choices many people are making in term of their mental capacity and the sociological aspects have also then been connected to the way they have committed the crimes such as burglary or petty crimes. It also could be

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