Developing And Designing A New Chief Diversity Officer

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During the last several decades, the diversity idea has evolved into higher education. However, implementing goals, concepts, and strategy has not been easy. Creating goals to increase multiculturalism, access, equity, and inclusion needs is complex. For nearly 50 years, higher education has actively addressed campus diversity issues (Smith & Wolf-Wendel, 2005). In the past, effective diversity changes that were made were ignored. Attention to diversity is only given in the face of necessary legal forces. Institutions create changes that are more symbolic but missing in human, financial, and technical resources; or influence new plans only when academic leaders are faced with powerful incidents. This paper will provide the foundation for developing and designing a new Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) position for Muskegon Community College (MCC). Also, this paper will discuss key components, goals, and strategies about how a CDO can move the diversity agenda forward.
The four goals that the Chief of Diversity Officer (CDO) will focus on which will highlight the role, key components, and responsibilities of the position are: Connect students with internal and external community, facilitate learning outside of the classroom, design programs to engage students, engage commuter, and increase retention.
One strategy to connect students with internal and external community is by bringing community leaders who shaped the community. Community leaders can be used as an external…
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