Developing And Designing A New Chief Diversity Officer

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During the last several decades, the diversity idea has evolved into higher education. However, implementing goals, concepts, and strategy has not been easy. Creating goals to increase multiculturalism, access, equity, and inclusion needs is complex. For nearly 50 years, higher education has actively addressed campus diversity issues (Smith & Wolf-Wendel, 2005). In the past, effective diversity changes that were made were ignored. Attention to diversity is only given in the face of necessary legal forces. Institutions create changes that are more symbolic but missing in human, financial, and technical resources; or influence new plans only when academic leaders are faced with powerful incidents. This paper will provide the foundation for…show more content…
Another strategy that can be used as internal is alumnus and faculty who can speak about own experience and struggle with diversity and how it changed overtime on campus. Another goal is facilitating learning outside of the classroom by creating a book club and movie night hosted by faculty that deal with diversity issues, change, and challenges the campus faces. Also, programing designed to engage students by bring laughter and fun such as bringing a comedian and open-mic for students to display their talents. By each student displaying their own talent that shows the diversity of different talents on campus. Since Muskegon Community College has no housing for students that makes all of it’s students commuters. Engaging commuter is a very important goal. Many institutions struggle to find ways to connect commuter students with the involvement opportunities. Because commuters are on campuses for such little time, the connections to make with them must be immediate and high impact. The primary approach will be to make a simple change in how to orient students and how to interact with them during the first month of classes. By creating a culture of involvement and information sharing at the beginning of their college career. The approach will be meeting with admissions counselor who will present students a list of available clubs and organizations and encourage them to get involved with
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