Developing Competitive Strategy : Team 3 Essay

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Lesson 10 Developing Competitive Strategy - Team 3 1. Primary goods/services According to a recent Forbes article, Walmart continues to prevail as the largest retailer in the world (The World’s, 2016). Walmart is known for selling a variety of retail items at “everyday low prices (EDLP)”, a slogan that is the key foundation to their company’s strategy (Our Business, n.d.). The company puts an immense focus on their prices, to ensure they are offering the lowest price compared to any local competitor. Walmart has three business divisions (Walmart U.S., Walmart International and Sam’s Club) in three primary store formats - Supercenters, Discount Stores and Neighborhood Markets. Supercenters are typically opened 24 hours a day and are known for their one-stop shopping experience. These stores offer the largest assortment products and services, combining disparate retail products like electronics, apparel, tools & hardware and jewelry. They also offer grocery (deli, bakery, pharmacy) services in addition to specialized services (check cashing, bill payment, automotive servicing) that would require visits to multiple vendors (What Kind, n.d.). Discount Stores are smaller than a Supercenter though with the restriction of limited hours and loss of the more non-retail services. Neighborhood Markets were designed for local communities and focus on groceries and pharmacy. Besides their brick and mortar establishments, Walmart also owns and operates and a

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