Developing Countries Entering A Bid For Host Major Sports Events

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There are an increasing number of less-developed countries entering a bid to host major sport events such as the Olympic Games or the FIFA World Cup. Less-developed countries, also called developing countries or newly-industrialised countries, are defined according to the HDI (Human Development Index), which is composed of some measurable elements such as GNP (Gross National Product) per capita, number of years schooling and life expectancy (European Commission 2011). Some countries that are regarded as developing have experienced fast development (especially in manufacturing and tertiary industries) in recent years. Simultaneously, a number of these countries such as China, Brazil and South Africa have held major sports events . Hosting these events has brought a multitude of benefits to them. It is clear that hosting of major sports events has a significant effect on less-developed countries. Although such an activity could be negative in terms of its environmental impact, because of carbon emissions produced by overseas visitors travelling to the event, it is generally positive in terms of economy, culture and international status. This essay will focus on the economic benefits and subsequent development opportunities of hosting major sports events, particularly in less-developed countries. Hosting a major sports event is a significant opportunity to boost economic growth for the developing countries. Enormous funds are invested in various sectors, concurrently

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