Developing Curriculum Through The Eyes Of Teachers

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Introduction The role of curriculum leader does not mean the principal has to recreate the wheel in terms of the curriculum taught in their school. When a new principal walks into a new school they need to lean on the teachers who work and know the building. They need to ask poignant questions like what is working and what is not working in terms of teaching and learning. Some these questions can be answered through student performance data, but the new principal needs to have the teachers who are working in the trenches play an active role when it comes to curriculum. Body (The Role of the Secondary Principal in Curriculum) The principal should empower the teachers when it comes to developing the school’s curriculum. The principal should look at developing curriculum through the eyes of teachers. According to Springer (2009), principals also involved themselves as active partners in our efforts. They did not try to dictate changes, but rather cooperated with us as we analyzed and assessed our efforts. When problems and issues arose, the principals offered suggestions and clarified exigencies that could impact our subsequent actions. They provided perspective and guidance while allowing us to make and test our own decisions and to learn from our successes and mistakes, just as we teachers do for the students in our integrated programs. The principal is the leader of learning, the teacher for the teachers, and the one who needs to model what is expected from teachers in

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