Development of American Colonies

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The development of the American colonies had six different factors contributing to it. They were the Enlightenment, European population explosion, Glorious Revolution, Great Awakening, mercantilism, and Religious tolerance. The Enlightenment was a cultural movement that challenged the authority of the church in science and philosophy while elevating the power of human reason. One of the most influential Enlightenment writers was John Locke. He argued with the church that people were not born with sinful minds. He believed that their mind was shaped by society and education, which made people better. Baron Montesquieu, another writer, contributed to American colonies by creating our three political powers: Executive, …show more content…

Also, people who could vote did not have to be members of a Puritan congregation, but only had to own land. This charter also granted freedom of worship to Anglicans living in Massachusetts.
The Great Awakening was a revival of religious freedom. The central idea of this was having an internal emotional experience that brings one to God. George Whitefield arrived in Philadelphia in 1739. He was an Anglican Minister who was influenced by Methodism and he

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