Developmental Psychology : An Introduction

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Developmental Psychology: An introduction
Psychology is a field that is broken down into many subfields, each field distinctive in their nature. One of the most studied fields is developmental psychology. Before I explain the field in depth, it is important to understand what developmental psychology is, and how it came to be. Developmental psychology is mainly a scientific approach, which aims to explain how children and adults change overtime (Lerner, Lewin-Bizan, & Warren, 2011). Most uniquely, it is a field that looks at change over time and what instigated those changes (Miller, 2011). The discipline itself has two main goals: to describe the behavior at each point in the person 's development, and to identify the causal factors involved in producing changes in behavior (Vasta et al. 1998). Developmental psychology as a field has informed many other subfields of psychology as well including educational psychology, child psychopathology, and forensic developmental psychology. Developmental psychology also encompasses other fundamental research fields in psychology including social psychology, cognitive psychology, ecological psychology, and comparative psychology.
The study of development is not a new discipline. In fact, many of the central controversies about human development date back to ancient Greece and Rome, and the traditions of western philosophy (Lerner et al., 2011). Developmental psychology as a field of study however did not truly exist until after the

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