Deviance And Crime

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According to Macionis (2016, p.171), deviance may be defined as the documented contravention of cultural standards. It is the intentional disregard for conventional way of association. The link between deviance and crime may be high based on what theory one chooses to explicitly follow. For the best part of this sociological paper, the focus will be on the social conflict theory which tends to shares some baseline from the work of the sociological father Durkheim on crime. Also, the paper will look at the necessity of technology in the American economy and thereafter on whether the American dream is attainable. As proponents of social conflict theory asserted, deviance is based on social inequality and that the laws put in place in society are part of its fulfillments to the rich. They also believe that, people choose to be deviants because they are powerless and they need to overcome the challenges of social inequality such as poverty. Therefore, this means that, crime should be viewed just as any other normal element of society (Durkheim) and that the deviants should not be criminalized rather the rich should be instigated and victimized because they have put laws that favor them against those who are either poor or powerless. For instance, in comparing children from decent families when they get to socialize with those from street families things seem to change for the decent child, while the other, remains in his social category as they adjust to the newcomers’ ways.

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