Devor Gender Roles

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Gender Identity is and evolving study and changes from generation to generation. Society defines gender roles between masculine and feminine, but not everyone fits perfectly into the role that they were biologically designed. Gender roles are constructed and defined by the society in which we live, we see evidence of this in our daily lives and roles are taught from the very time that we are born.
In “Becoming Members of Society: Learning the Social Meanings of Gender” by Aaron H Devor, he explains that gender roles are set from a very young age. Society categorizes individuals into those roles and begins the process of teaching the individual their role according to their biological gender. By the time that children are seven years old they have already identified individuals …show more content…

In our society today there are many individuals that do not fit into one mold or the other so it can cause confusion and an imbalance of power based up expectation based upon a person biological gender. Aaron H. Devor gives very persuasive evidence that Gender identity is something that has been socially constructed over many years. He breaks down his evidence in a chronological sequence which give the reader the ability to see at what age children become aware of gender identity. He then gives a breakdown of how society views what it is meant to be masculine and feminine. He bases them upon years of expectation and the roles that men and women have taken, based upon societies expectations.
He also explains how these expectations are designed around a heterosexual society and that biologically men are women are mandated into their specific roles. He supports his position by giving examples of mannerism, attire and behavior can define gender roles. He gives clear descriptions of

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