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Question 1.1.(TCO 1) Different levels of planning in supply chain operations management include(Points : 5) general and detailed planning. strategic, tactical, and operational planning. long-term and short-term planning. logistical, operational, and procurement planning.

Question 2.2.(TCO’s 1) Which of the following is a measure common to both the strategic profit model and the SCOR model?(Points : 5) Responsiveness Return on assets Delivery
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Given these data, what is the inventory carrying cost of a level plan? (Points : 5) $100,000 $700,000 $70,000 $7,000

Question 6. 6. (TCO 2) You are sitting next to a person in business class on a flight from Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia. You mention to that person that you got your ticket 2 months ago for only $12,500. The person responds that she bought her ticket 2 days ago for $7,800. This sometimes happens because airlines often use an approach called (Points : 5) capacity management. yield management. load management. workforce leveling.

Week 3

Question 1.1.(TCO 4) MRP is a process that would be most applicable in which situation?(Points : 5) Planning requirements for repair parts for production equipment in a manufacturing plant Planning requirements for safety stocks of finished goods in a distribution center Planning requirements for bicycle seats in a bicycle production plant A and C None of the above

Question 2.2.(TCO 4) The longest lead time path in the BOM is the(Points : 5) time bucket. planning horizon. time window. cumulative lead time.

Question 3.3.(TCO 4) A master production schedule shows the following information.

Using a lot-for-lot rule, what is the MPS quantity for Period 1?(Points : 5) 90 80 100 40

Question 4.4.(TCO 4) Which of the following is not included in the information about the inventory records file for an

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