Diagnostic Assessment Essay

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Early Childhood Special Education Teacher following Diagnosis: The 4 components of a diagnostic evaluation include detailed history, physical exam, developmental evaluation, and use of ASD-Specific Tools, (, 2017). The detailed history includes medical history, such as any prenatal issues, seizures, infections, or other medical issues (, 2017). The detailed history also looks at developmental history; for example, language development, social development, gross and fine motor development, communicative development, and if any regression has occurred (, 2017). Behavioral history, like current behavior and socialization, are also parts of the detailed history (, 2017). Family history is the last aspect of the detailed history; this looks at the possibility of ASD, intellectual, or mental disorders running in the family (, 2017). The physical exam is a general physical exam. This looks for any growth restrictions or abnormalities, including the circumference of …show more content…

There are common tests used for each domain. For example, when testing cognition, the evaluator may use the Mullen Scales of Early Learning (, 2017). For speech and communication, the Preschool Language Scale is a frequently used assessment tool (, 2017). The Peabody Development Motor Scales evaluates fine and gross motor (, 2017). Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales is used to assess adaptive skills (, 2017). To specifically evaluate for Autism Spectrum Disorder, an ASD Specific Tool is used. For example, the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition (ADOS-2) is used by the evaluator to look at structured scenarios (, 2017). This tool looks closely at social interaction, communication, and stereotypical behaviors that are common with ASD diagnosis (,

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