Diagnostic Coding And Procedural Coding

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Medical Coding Essay Academic Essay Diagnostic coding and procedural coding lend themselves well to the improvement of healthcare efficiency. Both have accurate recording for diagnoses and the procedures enable the analysis of information for the patient’s care, research, performance improvement, healthcare planning and facility management. The diagnosis codes are divided into chapters, sections, subsections, and subcategories (1). A coder should become familiar with all of the codes before the individual moves on. It is very important to understand when an additional code or codes are needed, what codes are secondary, and when additional information may be needed to complete the code (1). Also, the coder should always code the reason why the patient sought medical advice as the main diagnosis (1). There are many rules when using diagnostic and procedural codes. By using the national diagnostic and procedural coding system correctly the coder will have no trouble on finding the right codes to use for the case scenarios.
The information the coder needs to get from the health records is very important because this will provide the correct information on the claim when it is billed out. If the steps are not followed correctly then the information being submitted will not be correct. Here are the steps that need to be taken to find the proper sequencing when diagnosing and coding are the coder needs to find the main term or terms in the patient’s medical records.
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