Dialectical Journal One Night Analysis

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They stand from the counsel, join the hands of one another and speak, not to bring the affair into great jeopardy by disagreement and their stubbornness; the affair was easy, whether they stay or remain, if only they thought on the same thing and agreed on the same thing; on the other hand they saw no security in disagreement. Until the middle of the night, the disagreement continues. At last, Cotta was overpowered, he gives up: Sabinus’s opinion overruled. It is announced that they will march at dawn, the rest of the night, (they) remain awake, since every soldier was observing their property, to see what could be carried with them, and out of the winter quarters, what he would be compelled to leave behind. This is suggested to show why they could not stay without danger, and how the danger would only increase if the soldiers become weak and want to sleep.…show more content…
At dawn, they set out of the camp, in a long line of marching with a large amount of belongings; in such a way so that they would be convinced that Ambiorix’s advice was not as an enemy, but as a
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