Diali Cissokho and Kaira Ba

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On March 27, I had the distinct pleasure of witness a unique band perform on the porch of the Love House that afternoon. Before the music began I had the also enjoyed walking around the house and seeing the art which was located inside. I, with several of my friends, arrived at the venue early and were able to watch them band set up. Even some of the band members quipped that we were crazy for arriving that early. As the it tame closer to perform the lead vocalist Diali Keba Cissokho brought out his unique instrument the kora. As the crowd began to arrive Jeff DeLuca, a friend of a friend, introduced the band, the band began to play. As the music began, and Cissokho began to strum on his kora, it became apparent that the music had a distinct blend. As the bass, snare, and hi hat symbol, which from my angle looked like it was consisted of shells, began to play, it had some traditional rock elements to each. Then, the kora also began to play. The kora is a unique instrument unlike anything I have ever heard or seen before. It has twenty-one strings and is played similar to that of a guitar, but facing the person playing. As Cissokho began to play it, his mastery of the instrument was apparent. The kora sounds extremely similar to that of steel drums, with the same kind of almost Caribbean or West African flavor. As the first song got under way, Cissokho began to sing as well. His voice was slightly rapsy, and most of his language was of his native tongue, possible from the
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