Diatoms And The Use Of Forensic Evidence

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From fictional shows like CSI Miami to real life crime scenes, we have all seen the process it takes to gather forensic evidence. If you haven’t, research has been recently gathered to come up with new and innovative ways to catch a criminal. Whether it be from derelict fields, dark alley ways, or deep sea oceans, many environments can leave behind physical evidence ofn a criminal and victims that crime scene investigators both real and fictional can use to identify and catch the culprit. However, this can be difficult when trying to find the best pieces of evidence to use and detect after analyzing and putting criminal information together.

According to researcher Kapil Verma of Amity Institute of Forensic Sciences (AIFS), microscopic algae, like diatoms for example, can be picked up from anywhere that there is water. This can includes rivers, lakes, oceans and moisturized soils. Some domestic water supplies and even moist surfaces such as exposed rocks and sediment can harvest diatoms. While many diatoms traditionally have been used to diagnose deaths caused by drowning, research has now showed that the use of diatoms and their potential for use as traces of evidence in a range of forensic examinations has been useful throughout the field of forensic science. …show more content…

Freshwater or marine environments for example are often encountered as crime scene locations or sites of accidental suicidee. death or natural disasters. When a crime is carried out on dry land, water may be then used by a criminal to dispose of incriminating evidence.

How does microscopic algae play a role in the findings of criminal

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