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Christopher Marlowe’s plays have caused us great excitement, what with the fine and moving verse of “Dido, the Queen of Carthage”(1586) and the heroic nature of ‘Tamburlaine” Parts 1 (1587) and 2 (1587-1588) he has provided for us. Although Francis Beaumont received help in many of his plays or collaborated with other dramatists, it is worth mentioning his unaided work of “The Knight of the Burning Pestle” (1613).

Dido, Queen of Carthage revolves around the classical figures Dido and Aeneas. Dido is, well the queen of Carthage, and the warrior Aeneas, son of Venus, accounted for the fall of Troy. The play starts of by Venus, the mother, disguising herself as a mortal and joining her son to provide a path of safety after the war to …show more content…

The play starts with a citizen and his wife disturbing the play “ A London Merchant”. They complain about how they want to see a new kind of play where middle class citizens are not misrepresented. The wife suggests for there to be a grocer in the play that kills a lion with a pestle. The citizen also suggests that his apprentice, Rafe, play this character. This new play takes place in the interrupted play of A London Merchant, where Jasper is in love with his master’s daughter, Luce. Luce also likes Jasper but she arranged to with Humphrey, a man who is pretentious and false, by her father. In order to be able to stay with Jasper she sets up a trap for Humphrey. She tells him that in order to win her heart, a man would have to have the guts to run away with her and elope. Knowing that Humphrey would tell her father and her father would have no objections, she would ditch Humphrey and run away with Jasper. When Jasper seeks help from his mother, Mrs. Merrythought, he is rejected because she favors his brother Michael. The mother decided to leave her husband, a drunk and partier, with nothing but Michael and jewels, but along the way she looses the jewelry in the forest. Around the same time, Jasper and Luce take their plan into action. Jasper knocked out Humphrey and runs a way with Luce. Jasper ends up finding the jewelry his mother had lost. Rafe, the grocer takes it upon himself to aid the damsel in distress, Mrs. Merrythought. The citizen and his wife demand that Rafe have more Chivalric and exotic adventures so Rafe goes on to rescue patients from an evil Barber named Barbaroso. He even goes on to travel to Moldavia, where the princess falls in love with him. Back in Jaspers story, things don’t go as planned. The merchant and Humphrey catch them. Luce is taken back and is locked in her room. Jasper feigns his death and manages to free Luce by

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