Diesel Mechanic Proposal

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It was a weekend and I had just gotten off of work at 3pm. I was on my way home when I smelled diesel fuel coming from a truck that was in front of me. The smell reminded me of being around diesel equipment, it helped me to remember times when I was little with my family. Our family business needed diesel equipment for everyday work. How much I loved riding in and working on diesel equipment. Here recently i’ve noticed how much I really miss being around diesel equipment and I realised that I could become a diesel mechanics after high school. I am shooting to take a class at GTCC and then I could get a certificate in diesel mechanics. I will then be certified to work for someone. There is a two year program that I plan to take there and it would be a great hands on opportunity for me to get back at it. I’d like to increase my knowledge on diesels so I can gain more knowledge to complete my childhood dreams and my adulthood goals.…show more content…
I plan to work at a dealership, or something of the sort, then go back for some business courses so I will be able to start a company of my own. These are goals in which I have set for myself. I know I can and will achieve these goals and it will all start with a diesel technician class . The acceptance of me into GTCC will be a great opportunity opened for me. This will help me to have a brighter future with a great career based off of not only knowledge and certificate as a diesel technician.
Thank you for reading my letter here and please let me know something. I plan to have a great time at
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