Diet : A Major Lifestyle Related Risk Factor Of A Wide Range Of Chronic Diseases Essay

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Introduction Diet is a major lifestyle-related risk factor of a wide range of chronic diseases(15). Optimal eating is associated with increased life expectancy, dramatic reduction in lifetime risk of all chronic disease, and amelioration of gene expression(PMID: 24641555 ). It is known that an unhealthy diet can induce type 2 diabetes, obesity, Stroke, Cardiovascular disease, hypertension, inflammation, depression(Lucas et al, 2013), and micronutrients deficiency. On the other hand, a “ good ” diet, such as a diet with less fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol, and more carbohydrate, fiber, vitamins and minerals can improve the general health of the elderly and improve cognitive function. (Dietary intake and cognitive function in a group of elderly People.(Ortega et al, 1997 ) ) Therefore, it is worth to measure diet intake to describe food intake of an individual or a group by dietary analysis. By using dietary assessment methods, energy and nutrient consumptions can be assessed to give information for concerning both public health and individual nutritional status. There are ample methods to assess dietary intake. For a large number of individuals, food frequency questionnaire and 24-hour recall can provide a relatively inexpensive and standardised way of collecting information (Dietary intake measurements Ingrid HE Rutishauser). There are also approaches more accurate in assessing dietary intake. For laboratory-based dietary studies, duplicate diet analysis, 24-hour

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