Diet Plan For Weight Reduction

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These days everybody is pretty much obsessed with weight reduction. Irrespective of their body nutrition and health, all people are interested is in weight reduction. There have been plenty of obesity problems going around too. Many end up having uneven diets which do not benefit the health many times. People think of reducing their food intake as an easy way to weight reduction. Eating less does not benefit, but calculating the perfect nutrients and calories does. There certain ways of having diets. Lately the trend in diet plans has been following the distribution of meals into 4 to 6 times a day. Some say it’s a god thing to distribute the meal in portions and eat 6 times a day and some disagree to that. Many of the current dietary plans have replaced the historical dietary recommendation to eat 3 large meals/day with a more frequent eating strategy that includes consuming smaller amounts of food every 2–3 h, 4–6 times/day. According to the NHANES III, 1999–2000, ~80% of all Americans eat at least 4 times/day, with an average eating frequency of 5 eating occasions/day. (Kant and Graubard 2006), (Leidy and Campbell 2011).
Distributing a meal into 6hours a day is a good dietary plan as it keeps the hunger in control. It maximizes the sensation of fullness and conserves energy for the body. When one is having a large meal, he/she may have more than needed and since the stomach had been empty for a long break the sensation of hunger was high. Increased feeding frequency has
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