Difference Between Athens And Sparta

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Athens and Sparta are two interesting city-states in ancient Greece where someone could choose to live depending on the inclination of the individual. Some individuals might choose to live in Athens because of the system of government and developmental philosophy while other individuals could choose to live in Sparta because of its military and warrior-like philosophy.
In Athens, there is an element of respect for the will of the people, which is known as a democratic system of choosing leaders (Ancient Greek Democracy, 2010) while Sparta had a different way of life (Oligarchy) and create incentives for citizens, even outsiders to love its system. For instance, aristocrats in the city-state of Athens really appreciate the Spartan system where …show more content…

First and foremost, I like a society where knowledge is regarded as the ultimate; a society that breeds intellectuals and promote philosophical dialogue. Athens happens to be that place (Brand, n.d.). Secondly, absolute independence runs in my vein and in Athens that is what they had in place; independence to determine who governs the society at any given period. Although the Athenian democracy was not as advanced compared to what we have in these modern times, however, the system helped to shape our modern worldview in one way or the other (Cartledge, 2011). While critics of the Athenian democracy would argue that aristocrats were often imposing their manipulative agenda on the government, I would acknowledge that fact to be a part of democracy even in the 21st century where some powerful people can twist their agenda on a government. A typical example is the National Rifle Association (NRA), who would not let any government or elected official dare discuss any amendment in firearms regulation (McGreal, 2015). What is apparent about democracy is that it enables a society to participate in the government formation. That is why Athens would be my livable

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