Difference Between Conflict Theory And Consensus Theory

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Introduction Nowadays education play an important role in the society. Education have several theories that deal with the preparation of the base of education in relation of the society. Among all those theories lets learn about the conflict theory and consensus theory. According to the sociologist that society have two face that is the face of consensus and the face of conflict. The consensus is a theory of society in which the absence of engagement is seem as the equilibrium state of society based on a general agreement among all the member of a particular society. The consensus theory is considered to be focus on social orders. On the other hand, the conflict theory seeks to determine who, why and how those with power have enforced specific …show more content…

Even though these two theories are based on human behavior they also have some differences like, the Functionalism theory mostly focus on the social orders, value and the belief of the people. Functionalism theory gives importance to culture as a way to sustaining the compromise of society. Moreover, this theory highlights the combination of the value of a group people. This theory pays very little attention to social change. On the other hand, they mainly focus on recalling the society. This Functionalism theory believes social change occurs within the borders of agreement. Let’s go through the differences of conflict theory. The conflict theory gives very high attention to how the govern group in the society maintain their power for example the religion, economy and so many other social activities. The conflict theory believes that those who are in power use the both repressive mechanisms as well as the ideological state gadget to uphold the social order. This theory mostly highlights the conflict of interests among people. The conflict theory even pays very little attention to the different form of discrimination that take place in society. Unlike the consensus theory this theory does not give importance to shared rules and values of the people. In addition, conflict theory focus on the struggle between

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