Sociological Perspectives On Life Chances Essay

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Task 1
This essay is based on two main sociological perspectives such as Functionalism and Marxism. It will evaluate the view that differences in the life chances between social groups which are dependent on various social factors affecting the society and individuals. Furthermore, it will compare and contrast these two sociological perspectives.
Life chances can have a positive or negative effect on individual’s lifetime in terms of their education, health, employment, income and housing. They are influenced by different social factors such as social class, gender and ethnicity. As a result, life chances are different for individuals and groups (Anon, 2016).
Life chances in terms of health for the lower social class mean that they are more likely to get ill. This happens as they cannot manage to pay for the suitable clothing, heating in the cold weather, living in overcrowded conditions and poor diet. In terms of education attainment children who are born in the family that is classified as higher class achieve better results in school compared to those in lower social class. Furthermore, the children that belong to the parents of higher class are more likely to get better education (through private schools/institutions), this increases their chances of employment with high income (Haralambos & Holborn, 2000).
Functionalism is consensus theory in sociology. Society based on Functionalism theory was defined as a system of interconnected institutions such as family,

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