Difference Between Philosophy And Science

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In both Philosophy and Science, major questions are asked in order to acquire new information not previously known. With this in mind, it should be noted that there is a slight difference between philosophy and science, such as the fact that Philosophy is based on reason and creates knowledge from questioning. Whereas, science is the understanding and study of observable natural events. However, both practices require a method of observation in order to obtain their knowledge. To emphasize the similarities and differences between the two, one should observe the likeness of the renowned philosopher Socrates and esteemed scientist Judea Pearl and how they used different methods of questioning to come to their own conclusions.
When comparing the thoughts of Socrates to Judea Pearl’s commencement speech it is easy to see that both men value education, honesty, and reason. It is amazing to see the lasting impact that one man made which would, in turn, affect the other’s life. To clarify, Socrates created the framework for the modern scientific method and provided an approach for seeking knowledge that the scientific community still accepts. Not to mention, both men believe in challenging the traditional set of norms in order to learn and better themselves. However, for Socrates, this meant asking the right questions in order to understand what one does and does not know about a particular subject. Whereas, Judea Pearl believes one must respect and believe one can find it.

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