Difference Between Traditional And Traditional Kitchens

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Kitchen designs and concepts have evolved all over India and kitchens are no more just a part of homes but is also a way to peep inside the lifestyle of people. India being a market with huge variation, each home differentiate itself in terms of Kitchen style, theme and color. Though, the Indian markets has conveniently adapted ‘Modern kitchens’ for their homes, there is still a void when it comes to the understanding of modern and traditional kitchen style.

Though, traditional is a theme that never goes out of style and is homey and warm, on the other hand, Modern Kitchens are efficient and fashionable. Here are some distinctive factors by which you can easily differentiate between Modern and Traditional Kitchens.

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Curves and organic shapes are common with traditional kitchens and comes with the blend of colors and mix of different materials. Traditional kitchens favors elegance and luxurious spaces and mix match natural materials like stained wood and patterned stones. On the other hand, Modern Kitchens are all about maximizing utility, convenience, comfort and easy movement during the preparation of food. They are organized and offers sufficient storage space. A modern kitchen’s color is picked with fascinating colors and sometimes also uses sharp, shiny laminations, straight lines and block shapes in its décor.


A modern kitchen is simple and effective, while the traditional kitchen focusses on detail. Modern kitchens are abundant with smart and essential appliances as the priority is convenience and comfort. A traditional kitchen usually has free standing appliances, while a modern kitchen would majorly focus on having Built-in appliances. These appliances have higher usability value and convenience benefits. Since, Built-in appliances are ergonomic space savers and are easy maintenance, built-ins are first choice for kitchens nowadays. They also provide kitchens a tidy and sleek look.

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