Difference between the US and UK Politial Systems

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Possibly the most essential difference amid the United States and United Kingdom political systems is the constitution or the absence of one. The United States has a written constitution as does a large majority of nation states. The British do not have a distinct article called the constitution but in its place its constitutional necessities are scattered over numerous Acts of Parliament. The United States Constitution is difficult to adjust and in present political conditions, maybe impracticable to change in any significant respect. The Equal Rights Amendment which fought to provide equal rights for women failed and there has been no victorious amendment of the US Constitution - except for one technical measure - since 1971. What for realistic purposes constitutes the British Constitution -numerous Acts of Parliament can be altered by a simple majority in the legislature. For example, the current Government presented set terms for the House of Commons by passing the needed legislation. In the United States, political dialogue regularly makes references to the constitution, usually Republicans arguing that Democratic proposals are ‘Unlawful’. Above and beyond the fact that the United Kingdom does not obtain a constitution as such, it is uncommon for British politicians to dispute that the actions or proposals of their opponents are unlawful. An essential characteristic of the American constitution is the firm separation of the power of the administrative, the legislature

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