Differences Between American Culture And German Culture

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Germany is country shaped by many instances of disorder and chaos throughout its existence and especially in the 20th century. During these chaotic times Germans came to realize that the only way to prevent disorder and chaos was Ordnung or order. This philosophy of Ordnung is fundamentally different than the culture in the United States in which the people are trusted to do the right things rather than being forced by a set of written and unwritten rules that regulate social behavior. There are three significant differences between American culture and German culture: rules and regulations, the bureaucracy, and categorization. These differences help explain why German and American culture are so different. The first and most important cultural difference between Americans and Germans is the issue of self-control and regulations. Many Americans are impulsive and make decisions without much thought behind their actions. Germans, as opposed to Americans, are much less susceptible for impulsive actions because in Germany there are significantly more rules and social norms for Germans to follow which are part of Ordnung. The reason why Germans have more social norms and rules than Americans is to prevent misunderstandings that may be taken as disrespect. Germans “feel comfortable with these kinds of rules, which give them a feeling of security as well as a strong sense of right and wrong” (Nees 39). The amount of rules and regulations that are in Germany might make an American
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