Differences Between Beowulf And Grendel

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The Story of Beowulf vs Grendel To honor the Beowulf’s heroic life and battles, I’ve been assigned as one of his closest warriors to exclaim his appellation and share the stories of his battles. One of the citizen came up to me and asked, “I heard that Beowulf was an amazing guy, but I never fully knew him. Could you tell me more about him?” I was extremely excited as this man was the first person to ever ask me about Beowulf. “Beowulf was a strong leader and a great friend. Although he might not have been a very humble man, he was nowhere near being a bully. He’s the type of man that would belittle anyone who hurts the weak and innocent. Beowulf was mettlesome and was never intimidated by any menace.” The man’s eyes were already widen. “He sounds like a guy I would wanna be protected by,” the citizen said, “Can you tell me about one of his battles?” I prepared myself as I was about to begin a long lecture of how strong Beowulf was. I decided to share the battle against Grendel as I was there myself along side with Beowulf. “Let me tell you about Beowulf’s battle against Grendel.” I began with a little background of how much of a threat Grendel was, “You see, Grendel was no ordinary monster. On his first night of attack, he swallowed thirty men whole. And ever since, Grendel had been a threat to King Hrothgar and the Herot Hall for twelve years.” The man shrugged a little, then asked, “Grendel must be a strong and big demon. How could Beowulf possibly defeat such a

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