Differences Between Carthage And Carthage

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Carthage vs. Rome: Conflict to Control the Mediterranean

Carthage didn’t start out as Mediterranean power but a trade and merchant civilization that used the protection of the north African coast to safely send its ships to all parts of the known world to trade. Its growth was facilitated by its seafaring citizens with assistance from its centralized proximity to the Mediterranean Ocean. Carthage didn’t have it easy since Greece continuously threatened and pressed upon its border over the centuries with an occasional outbreak of war and a possibility of allying with Persia.
As the Carthage civilization increased its Mediterranean presence, it soon secured positions to the Corsican, Sardinian and Sicilian islands. This expansion encouraged defensive and offensive posturing from various competitive and jealous neighbors. Greece continued to threaten Carthage by it ever encroaching colonies circling the Mediterranean. Rome as well grew concerned as it increased its presence in Italy. Carthage being a …show more content…

As Rome began to spread its wings with control in Italy and over the Latin peoples, it was similar to Carthage in wanting to make territorial gains at the expense of Greek colonies in Sicily and Italy. Both societies gauged that this territory was the best possible alternative to avoid total war with Greece proper and restrict further Greek intrusion. Both the Roman and Carthage joined forces to best the loosely held independent Greek colonies of southern Italy and Sicily. By 281 BC King Pyrrhus of Epirus who nearly defeated the allies withdrew and left Carthage to Sicily and southern Italy to Rome. This victory, however, did not join but made worry the allies of one another. Rome fought on Italy’s mainland with virtually no help from Carthage, and the same relief was granted from Rome to Carthage when Pyrrhus nearly took all of Sicily. The Romans also had an issue when Carthage provided Pyrrhus ship passage back to

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