Throughout The Early Years Ce, And Even A Little Back Before

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Throughout the early years CE, and even a little back before BCE, many empires rose to power over Europe and northern Africa. However, when thinking of the most dominant empire of all time, the Roman Empire may come to mind. The Romans simply dominated the battlefield for hundreds of years. The Romans went through many hard-fought battles, conquests, and wars to achieve their dominance, and influenced the world forever with their technology, governments, war tactics, trade, and more. The Roman Empire changed the world entirely through its advancements, and proved itself to be the greatest conquering empire of all time. Looking at the Romans overall history, and what they did in specific to achieve what they did will show us exactly how and …show more content…

Rome was governed by leading figures in a “constantly changing network of mutually dependent relationships” (Cultures of the West, p. 176). The Romans valued simplicity, and placed a high value on families, or “Familia”, where the men were mostly dominant. They arranged their government so that one group of people could not monopolize over power, and that each senate/assembly could be governed by another, which laid groundwork for the way a lot of governments run today. Republican Rome also gave birth to something much bigger in the scheme of territories during this time, being that the Roman Empire saw that they could simply not make peace with any of their neighbors until they had complete control of the Mediterranean sea. This lead to the Punic wars, which were fought over about 80 years between the Romans and the Carthaginians who lived in North Africa. These wars were fought over three main battles, one in 264 BCE over Sicily, one in 218 over Spain, and the last big battle fought in 149 BCE, which ultimately ended in the complete destruction of Carthage and every Carthaginian, besides some who were sold into slavery (Cultures of the West, p. 182). After the victory of the Carthaginians, Rome recognized the power they had now that they controlled the Mediterranean entirely to themselves. The openness and calmness of the waters lead to easy trade of

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