Differences Between Christianity And Hinduism

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This paper presents the similarities and differences between Christianity and Hinduism religion and understand the importance of their spiritual believe in care. Spirituality plays important role in patient’s life and health care providers should aware of the patient’s religious tradition. Nurse responsibility is to understand their patient’s culture value and faith on God to provide better care and support their concerns and wishes. This paper describes the both religions faith and belief on God and how to accommodate these needs to the patient’s care. The author also reflects the seven worldview questions in both religions as well as the four principle of principalism, and ethical advice on case study. Ethical Analysis of Case Study …show more content…

Christian believes that there is a one God who created all things in the world (Shelly & Miller, 2006). However, they also believe in science, but it was all a part of God’s master plan. God organize everything that happens in this world. Christian also believes that God is always with us and he wants the best for everyone. For Hinduism, God is created the world and all is good. God is also in charge of everything in the universe. God creates, sustain, and destroys the universe to recreate again (A Hindu Primer, 2007). The worldview of both religions seems similar because they both believe that God is a creator of this world and he cares about everything is how it ought to be.
The second worldview question is: what is the nature of the world around you? Christian believes that the world around them is created by God and filled with people of many different worldviews. They also believe this world to be a very temporary place where they dedicate their lives to God and learning to live as Jesus taught them. In Hinduism, the world around us viewed as illusion of a material world that seems as a personal but it remains impersonal. Hinduism believes on cycle of rebirth and reincarnation that is based on the person’s behavior. If Hindu person has done bad karma (the sum of the person’s action) in their life, their soul reincarnates and involve through many births until all karma has been resolved (Nine Beliefs of Hinduism, 2009).

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