Differences Between Nature Vs Nurture Essay

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Throughout this paper, we will be comparing similarities and differences between our seven members based on the Big Five Inventory test results to our Zodiac sign attributes. Each member of Psychology 101 Group 14 was required to take the OCEAN Big Personality Quiz, and then compare the results to the other members of the team. Then after looking at the results individual members compared their scores to their Zodiac signs to see if they could identify similarities. To begin, while looking at our comparatives scores of the OCEAN Big 5 Personality quizzes, we found that a few group members were similar, although there was many differences in the group too. For example, Gabe and Damon were similar in Openness, with a score of 41 and 35 respectively. On the other hand, Socoro and Vivianna were outliers in the group, with Vivianna having a score of 5, and Socoro with a score of 59. We believe while the scores are closely related, our reasons for being close together in Openness value more shows the debate between nature vs nurture. Gabe’s belief on being in the 35th percentile is how he was raised throughout his family environment similar to Kaitlyn in the 41st percentile, while Damon’s belief for being in the 41st percentile was more so being born into the statistic rather than recalling any events that contributed to his score. Rachael scored in the 16th percentile, which indicates a preference of a more regular schedule. She believes that this is because of how she

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