Nature Vs Nurture Essay

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From Dr. Money’s perspective, raising Bruce as a girl would allow him to live a “normal” life, if he were to live his life without a penis, he would be seen as an outsider and rejected from society. He also suggested to put Bruce on estrogen, but also surgically give him a cosmetic vagina. Dr. Money explained to Ron and Janet that Bruce/Brenda, would psychologically mature as a woman, and be attracted to men, as well as be able to have sexual intecourse, without a problem. According to Bruce’s parents, there was no reason “that it shouldn’t work” (50). However, they could have thought it out thoroughly, what if Brenda didn’t feel comfortable in her own skin? Would she feel as though something is wrong with her? This is where the topic of …show more content…

Money, who then scheduled sessions for Brenda, as well as her twin brother, Brian. Regardless of how Ron and Janet believed the sessions were going, Brenda felt uncomfortable and eerie, speaking with Dr. Money. The doctor would slowly gear into the topic of Brenda’s vagina, stipulating that she have an additional two surgeries, in order to fully transform her into a young woman. The surgeries being to make her urethra into the “female position” and secondly, to “excavate a full vaginak canal” (92). Brenda did not agree to this, as she envisioned herself as a male, with facial hair, friends, and a “sports car”. Evidently, Brenda was not content with herself.
Brenda began to rebel against her parents, Dr. Money, and society also. She was not pleased with having to dress up for the holidays, as wearing dresses meant acting like a girl, she felt as though she was being pressured to be someone she’s not. “I always felt like an oddball around my own family” (99). Not only was she the “oddball” in her family, but also at school with her peers. The Child Guidance Clinic would inform her parents that her behaviour was defiant, unhappy, and emotional (100). She felt incredibly troubled by her sessions with Dr. Money, that she imposed a threat to commit suicide (141).
Correspondingly, Brenda was transferred to Dr. Keith Sigmundson, who was a part of the Psychiatry Department in British Columbia. Dr. Sigmundson concluded that her fear was not an act,

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