Differences Between Power And Control In Animal Farm

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Power and control. What lengths will an individual go through to obtain it? Animal Farm by George Orwell is an interesting story that may seem as if it is a story that is meant to be read by a child however, the story withholds much more meaning than what meets the eye. In the book and movie, there is a society that contains many individuals with the beliefs that things should change, but there will be one individual in particular who will end up taking the initiative to follow through with this change while also taking control by telling these individuals what they want to hear, whether it is the truth or not. Power and control are things in which many leaders thrive off of and they will do anything to get their hands on it. Napoleon was a pig on Animal Farm who made it his priority to secretly begin taking control of the animals who represent the naive working class in society, by making sure they were told what they want to hear, even though Napoleon would later go against what they had been told. The belief that “All Animals Are Equal” (Orwell, 4), was introduced in the beginning of both the book and the movie along with a list of seven commandments the animals were to follow (Orwell, 11). However, throughout the course of the story, Napoleon began to alter many of these commandments with help alongside him, a pig named Squealer. The commandments had become altered to where Napoleon began to accept and mimic the behaviors of a human such as engaging in trade (Orwell,

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