Differences Between Realists And Realists

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In the Statecraft world, one is able to understand actions, decisions, and their implications on a state or even multiple states. The two main theories on how an actor can function are realism and idealism. In the game, those two theories have been put to action, each being used with different goals in mind. Since it is difficult to know what is happening in every state, my judgement is based on how certain states interact to identify which theory is in action. Between the states that use differing theories, there seems to be equal success, but the meaning of success differs between realists and idealists. While the idealist states have domestic issues and international cooperation as a high priority, realist states a more concerned with maintaining power. While there is not one state that seems the most successful overall, the state that will come out most successful in the end will most likely be one following the idealist approach. To try to understand which states are most likely pursuing a realist approach, the best indicators are the type of government, the attributes, and the domestic quality of life. In such a state, the government is less likely to be a democracy or constitutional monarchy, since both of those types of governments take into account the citizens and their wants and needs. A government that best fits the realist approach would be a military dictatorship and even a communist totalitarian, since the power rests in one leader. Since a realist’s main
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