Differences Between Roman Republic And Roman Empire

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There are many factors that show the differences between the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. With the many differences there are also some similarities between the two governing systems. A obvious difference is the time period the Roman Republic and Roman Empire lasted. A obvious similarity is they both occurred in Rome. Rome felt under constant threat, at the beginning of the Roman Republic. The Roman Republic was initially ruled by the rich and powerful. This ruling began “After the overthrow of the monarchy, Roman nobles, eager to maintain their position of power, established a republican form of government”(p.129). Later on, this power to the rich would prove chaos. The patricians who “were descendants of the original senators appointed during the period of the kings were great landowners, who constituted an aristocratic governing class”(p.129). The plebeians did not have this power of authority like the patricians did. The plebeians were “constituted the considerably larger group of non-patrician large landowners, less wealthy landholders, artisans, merchants, and small farmers”(p.129). These people could vote with the patricians but could not be elected into office, they could not marry someone out of the patricians and vice versa, it was forbidden for these groups to intertwine. These factors led to the plebeians wanting and needing equality with the patricians. After hundreds of years, the plebeians finally got the power and equality they had hoped for. By
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