Differences Between The Crucible Movie And Movie

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The Crucible, an original play written by Arthur Miller, has had a multitude of adaptations come out after its’ release in 1953. Among these adaptations are the movie, The Crucible, directed by Nicholas Hytner and starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Winona Ryder and local performances of the play, such as the one seen at the Civic Theatre. The Crucible is about the people of Salem, MA and trouble of the accusations of witchery after Abigail, the niece of Reverend Parris, has an affair with the married John Proctor and he denies her when she attempts to do it again. Specifically, Abigail’s reaction to the rejection in the movie is portrayed so much more realistic than it is in the play and the entire cast portraying their characters realistically for how it was appropriate for the setting of the movie. Although the movie was exceptional in content, the universal portrayal of the characters was better in the movie. Overall, The Crucible movie version, directed by Nicholas Hytner, portrayed the characters better the play because Winona Ryder portrayed Abigail Williams better than the written play did, and the cast as a whole worked together to create the mood of the historical time period of both the Salem Witch Trials and the communist era. Additionally, even though the written play was amazing due to it being ‘first’, the movie was still better at portraying the development of the characters.
In the movie adaptation of The Crucible, the character of Abigail Williams was portrayed

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