Differences Of John Smith And The Plymouth Plantation Colonists

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“Being thus left to our fortunes,” said Captain John Smith, as he and his men struggled against all odds to break free from England and begin their own colonization, was the way the Jamestown colony got along. Extremely similar to this was how the Plymouth Plantation pilgrims felt as well. The two these groups were filled with people who were determined to free themselves from their tyrant leaders control and grip on them. The two groups of people had the same goal in mind, but achieved it through different methods and went through different struggles, with few similarities here and there, this is how it all happened. First one should know who each captain was. The one leading the Jamestown Colonist was named John Smith and the man leading the Plymouth Plantation pilgrims was named William Bradford. The first difference between each group, was their motive behind searching for a new land to settle in. Yes, the two desired to leave England, but there was also an interest for both groups now that they had the opportunity to leave. For the Jamestown Colonist this happened to be, to make money and become as rich as they could. For the Plymouth Plantation pilgrims it was to find religious freedom. Even to this day our generations are affected by the choices each group made. For example, most people celebrate thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a tradition that originated from the Plymouth Plantation pilgrims and is widely celebrated. The mark left to us from the men of Jamestown, was

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