Male And Female Similarities And Differences Essay

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Differences between Males and Females
An Essay in Compare and Contrast
First of all, it is true that there are several things that uniquely distinguished males from females in terms of roles play within the society, the physical appearance, voice, brain cells, brain size, communication skills and career selections.
Males are popularly known as the head of the family and the bread winner, whereas females are commonly referred to as the home maker and also the comforter in time of sorrow.
One of the variations between males and females is their physical looks. Normally, males are sometimes taller than females and they have more strength and nerve than males. These three physical features help men to be stronger and have additional power to try and do exhausting labor or high-energy activities such as walking fast up a hill, lifting, and wrestling, karate, running and cardiopulmonary exercise than women. They even have more muscle in body than females (Alavi 6). Body structures and facial appearance are also other things that differentiated males and females, females are well known to be curvier in shape than males and their faces are softer, smoother, and they are not as hairy as the male’s faces. Additionally, male’s shoulders are broader than female’s shoulders.
Another obvious distinction between males and females is voice pitch that is what people understand as deep voice. Generally males are far-famed for their manly deep or high voice. This is often because the “males’

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