Differences in Gillette's Old and New Advertisments Essays

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In the novel Brave New World, Aldous Huxley portrays a futuristic world to the readers, enabling them to compare the present society to the future culture. Similarly, by analyzing the ads of 1950's and the 21st Century, we can compare the societies of the past and the present. The Gillette Company was founded approximately a hundred years ago. The company has been making ads through out the last century to popularize their products. By exploring these Gillette ads, we can gather facts about the market system and consumer demands during the time periods where the ads emerged. The Gillette ads from the 1950's to 2004 portray the declining competitiveness and consumer growth of the expanding Gillette razor industry. After the World War…show more content…
Although few other competitive companies exist, through the years Gillette has become so famous and rigid that it is a household name now. Given this lack of competition, Gillette has the freewill to do almost anything. Their ads now give more attention to the product system rather than focusing on the market. The Gillette Mach3, a modern ad is very simple, and pictures the Gillette blade and mentions its features (Mach 3 Shaving System). Although the ad is very simple in nature, Mach3 is the most sold Gillette product. Thus, owing to low competition and the comfort and uniqueness of the Gillette products, the demand is very high, regardless of the plain features of the ads. Though the demands are high due to lower competition, the Gillette product pricing remains a controversy. The 1950s ads focused a lot on the cheapness of the blades and their ability to meet the expense of everyman (Display Ad 71). J. P. Spang, Jr., the President of the Gillette Company in the 1950's had said that they had focused on producing products that are available in quantity and quality, keeping in mind to "sell it to the consumer at the lowest price consistent with a fair profit" (Spang 25). Meanwhile, modern ads do not emphasize on the prices, as they know their products are expensive. Due to their ongoing high demands, the company probably assumes that in the modern era, the consumers do not get swayed away by higher prices as long as the product is being upgraded. This

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