Different Common Network Components That Make Up A Network

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Network components In this document I will be detailing the different common network components which make up a network, connecting all the various devices together. Each device has a separate use; however, some devices can replace or supplement others. Devices can either be DTE or DCE. DTE, Data Terminal Equipment is the source or destination of data. DCE, Data Communications Equipment transmits the data along the network, connecting DTE’s together. DCE works at the physical layer of the OSI model. Interconnection devices Interconnection devices are required in a modern network; these allow a system to communicate with other systems, interconnecting the different systems, as well as allowing for networks to interconnect. Hub A Hub is…show more content…
Routers A Router forwards packets between different networks. As such they are connected to at least 2 networks, typically a LAN or WAN. A router is located at the gateway of the network, which is the exit point for traffic on a network when it’s destination is on a separate network. A common example of the use of a router is in homes, of which connect devices in the household to the ISP and in turn, the internet. A router uses headers and forwarding tables to identify the correct path to forward the packets it receives. Routers use ICMP to communicate between each other to configure the best router between hosts. A router is a DTE device, as it is the destination of all data leaving the network, and entering the network. And an end-point for the network. Repeaters A Repeater is used in a network to regenerate or replicate a signal. This is needed for long distance connections as the maximum distance of UTP cabling is 100 metres. They can regenerate both analogue and digital signals. A Digital repeater will repair/ reconstruct the signal, however analogue repeaters only amplify the signal, as such do not repair any distortion by any transmission loss. A repeater can also relay data between subnetworks which use different protocols or data/ cable types. A Repeater is a DCE device as it simply acts as a midpoint between DTE devices. Communications devices PCs A PC desktop computer can have many various
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